Support for peace of mind and conscious personal growth with Ananga Sivyer

Coaching with Ananga

I help women calm anxiety and reclaim their life with renewed confidence, self-compassion and meaning.


“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.”

~Oscar Wilde

We are meant for so much more than to merely exist, dragging ourselves from day to day worrying over bills, feeling stressed and exhausted.

We have the rare gift of a human life, and the opportunity to live it with meaning. Yet many of us feel anxious, empty and a need for connection.

I’m here to support and serve women who seek deeper peace, purpose and spiritual growth.



Client Reviews

Ananga is a really warm soul and she makes you feel instantly at home talking to her about whatever is on your mind. She has lots of insightful views and is very helpful in suggesting the tools you need to get you back on the right track. After our conversation, I felt motivated and positive about making the next step.
— Maz L.
In some very significant way, my session with Ananga was just what I needed at this point in my life. It was thought-provoking and immensely insightful. I am motivated to do a lot of inner work after this and feel a whole lot better about myself!
— Mona R.
I did a 90-minute session with Ananga to support me with coming up with a daily protocol I could use. We were able to come up with one that will be easy for me to integrate. In addition, Ananga was so supportive and validating that all is well. I highly recommend her work. She has been there and has tremendous expertise.
— MB