Corporate wellbeing - staff stress & anxiety support IN Medway, Kent

The fact that work-related stress, anxiety, and depression is estimated to be responsible for 57 percent of the working days lost to ill health shows how important it is for employers to take action.
— Health and Safety Executive Spokesperson

We offer customised workshops designed to support employees in managing stress and anxiety. Attendees will learn new tools to effectively manage stress and anxiety both in the workplace and in their private lives. 

Learning effective tools to manage stress and anxiety helps staff increase:

  • personal confidence

  • morale in the workplace

  • productivity

  • resilience to stress and anxiety resulting in less time lost due to illness

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“Work related stress, anxiety and depression is costing the UK’s economy an estimated £70-100 billion annually and 70 million sick days per year. However, it is not just the financial cost to the business that needs to be considered but the impact on the employee and their perception of you as an employer. A good employer values, supports and invests in its staff not simply because of the impact sickness absence has on your business and your brand.” Anxiety UK