The importance of changing your feelings about anxiety

Photo by   Nathan Cowley   from   Pexels

Photo by Nathan Cowley from Pexels

When you see anxiety as an enemy or personalise it by saying you hate it, you are giving anxiety power over you.

It becomes something you have to fight, or you resent. Feeling this way about anxiety puts you in a victim mindset. You are feeding your anxiety and exhausting yourself.

We’ve all done it. It's the default setting of a suffering mind. You don't like how you feel, so you declare it. I hate this! But anxiety isn't personal. It's not listening and it's not going to back off and leave you alone - unless you make the choice to deal with it by taking action.

Changing the way you feel about your anxiety and switching your perspective to seeing it as an emotion, or a messenger that is trying to communicate something to you is a positive first step in regaining your power and sense of control over anxiety.

The way to master anxiety is to stop fighting it and start taming it

Taming anxiety begins with paying attention to what’s beneath its noise, chaos, and symptoms.

When you look at a raging river you see the white foamy water on the surface. That’s the part that gets your attention because it’s showing the most energy, noise and movement. But if you think beyond the surface, you know there is more to the river than its rushing and roaring. There are rocks, undercurrents, calmer flows, plants and fish.

With anxiety, we see the surface and feel its turbulence. We get swept away and exhausted by it. But there is more to anxiety than it’s distracting drama - our anxiety has a story, a source and different aspects to it.

Getting curious is an important shift that helps us look into our anxiety for more information and, with support, we can begin working with that information and responding to anxiety’s message rather than reacting on autopilot with fight, flight or freeze responses.

All emotions can be seen as messengers, something that needs our attention. Something that needs to be felt, respected, responded to, and released.

Emotions should flow through us, when they get stuck or repressed we suffer more. Both in our minds and in our bodies.

Soft and steady is the way to go. Notice, learn, and make supportive changes. If you want to fight anxiety, do it quietly like a ninja!

And be sure to get support from someone who’s been there and can show you the way out.