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Stress Relief Techniques: 5 Things I Learned from Spying on Calm People

How many times have you reacted to stress by blurting out a harsh response and escalating the situation? It can be hard not to. If you're already simmering then any extra little stress is going to provoke a spurt of steam, sometimes your steam just evaporates into the air, but sometimes it scalds people around you and that's not a good thing. So how can you stop those spontaneous eruptions? One way is to gather a selection of stress relief techniques and play around with them. There are a whole variety of ways to deal with challenges and frustrations, and it feels wonderful to know that you can break old patterns and grow new responses that are truly inline with who you want to be.
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Present Moment Awareness: Lessons from Dogs on Being Here Now

I was talking with an old friend yesterday who expressed concern about how many of us have lost sight of ourselves due to being stressed and externally focused. In essence we have lost the art of present moment awareness.

When we're too concerned about the world outside of us we become out of touch with our inner guidance, we don't hear our body's intelligence tell us to slow down, drink some water, take a break etc. If this becomes our way of life we become imbalanced and at some point our health begins to suffer.

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5 Good Reasons to Add a Few Minutes Meditation to Your Day

Research is repeatedly reminding us that meditation is a simple and gentle way to enter into a balanced state that benefits us on all levels. Every day more and more people are turning to meditation to fulfill their need for relaxation, introspection and inner peace - here's five good reasons to consider joining them:

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Discover What Causes Fatigue and How You Can Stop It

Do you have days where you feel to tired to move, or when your mind feels so overwhelmed and exhausted that you can't concentrate on the simplest task? If you do, you're not alone, a recent survey revealed that more than half the population of America frequently feels that way.

What causes fatigue? The culprit is stress. With a busy lifestyle full of multi-tasking, never ending to-do lists and noise pollution most of us are experiencing stress, to varying degrees, all day long. This chronic stress is making us tired - here's how:

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