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Simple Acts of Calm: Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Every day the health press tell us we need to find ways to relax, but where to begin? One quick and easy way to relax that anyone can easily learn is progressive muscle relaxation.


What is It?

Progressive muscle relaxation is a simple exercise where you isolate one muscle group at a time and consciously tense it. While holding the tension you focus on how it feels and where it travels to in your body.

For example if you tense your right hand into a fist and squeeze it really tight you will soon feel the tension traveling up your arm. The longer you hold it, the more you feel it until it becomes really uncomfortable to hold that tension any longer. With progressive muscle relaxation you hold the tension in an area of your body for a few seconds and then release it suddenly, letting that area go completely limp and relaxed. Instantly, you will feel relief as your muscles relax and the tension dissolves away until you no longer feel it.

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