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How to Stop Stress Harming the People You Love


Stuff happens. We get sick, we get stuck in traffic, we have problems at work. Some days the scales are tipped in the apparent favour of disaster and we are challenged to remain buoyant and productive. If we’re already feeling a dash of self pity it’s easy to let negativity flourish and spread into areas of our life where it really has no place. From there it’s a slippery slope to wallowing in a pity party or a finger pointing festival where everyone else gets the blame.

So how do you keep afloat when “bad stuff” clouds your horizon? One of the most useful things I’ve learned (and I’m not saying I’ve 100% mastered it yet) is the art of boxing and processing.

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Are You Allowing Negative Thinking to Put a Stone in Your Shoe?

Every day we get a comment, a look, an email, a something that niggles us. Like ice cream with sand in it our experience is spoiled, our balance disturbed and we trundle off into our head to mutter and moan.

But what if we could employ the power of perspective to ease our discomfort and shine light on the bigger things in our life?

A Pebble In Your Shoe

When we focus on little niggles they are like a pebble in our shoe. They get our full attention and they have the power to make us uncomfortable. That's because our thinking is shoe sized! We're homing in on a little area of our life. But what if we kept our thinking more expanded and focused on a bigger view? Then that pebble could be in our garden instead of our shoe. Do the pebbles in your garden bother you? Do you even notice them? Me neither.

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