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Meditation Guide: Using Meditation Audio to Get Started & Find Inner Peace
Meditation can be as simple as sitting straight and quiet, eyes closed, hands relaxed on our lap and watching our breath for a few minutes. But, we in the busy west, make hard work of simple things and the busier we get the more they evade us. We want instructions, details, and proof. Often we are quicker to invest money in props or equipment than we are to invest a few minutes in quiet contemplative experimentation with simple sitting and breathing.

I have spent hours scanning shelves for guidance, and reading books on meditation from many different cultures over the last 20 years and it took a long while for the message to get through to me that meditation is incredibly simple and that I was making hard work of it. I didn't need to read how to do it, I just needed to sit down and do it for myself. That's when I discovered how meditation audio could help.
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Meditation Guide: The Basics of Meditation - Purpose & Practice

The dictionary defines the verb "to meditate" as an action of reflection, or contemplation. It gives the description of both Buddhism and Hinduism as using meditation to "train, calm, or empty the mind, often by achieving an altered state, as by focusing on a single object." And it gives a further example of meditation being used to engage in devotional contemplation, especially prayer.

These broad definitions tell us that meditation is both practical and accessible for everyone, it isn't bound by culture or religion and it isn't hard to do.

Meditation is simply the act of quiet contemplation. A withdrawal of the senses from their constant external bombardment of information and a reigning in of the mind, by quieting it's chatter and calling it to focus on one singular thing. That thing might be our breath, a candle flame, a single word, or a devotional prayer, or mantra.


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