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How Understanding Anxiety Can Help You Find Relief

Everyone suffers from anxiety occasionally, but when anxiety takes over your life it’s a very different experience to a spell of short-term anxiety that’s related to a specific event. Ayurveda offers some useful insights into how anxiety manifests and what you can do to help yourself control it.

According to Ayurveda, anxiety comes from aggravation of vata dosha. One of the key attributes of vata is movement, vata is always moving and its movement is by nature erratic rather than flowing, you can see this in a vata type person, they have a restlessness about their head and eyes.

Ayurveda teaches that like increases like, when you move around a lot you aggravate vata by increasing it's own movement, that aggravation in turn affects your nervous system and your mind.
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Lessons from Harry Potter on EFT & Facing Your Fears


When your brain becomes overwhelmed by anxious thoughts, your ability to reason and use your creative intelligence shuts down. Fear is like a cold fog that spreads throughout your entire thinking, taking away your light and resources as it goes.

Thinking of fear in this way reminds me of the dementors in the Harry Potter stories. Harry had to learn to deal with them by strongly nurturing a positive thought that could then turn into the charm that repels them. He couldn’t ignore them or busy himself with other things - he had to face up and fight back in a very specific and focused way.

I think we can learn a great deal from this. Facing our fears requires courage and it requires specific action if we are to regain control of our mind and begin to feel calm and useful again.

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How to Control Anxiety by Changing Your Breathing


Shallow breathing is an automatic physical response to anxiety, and shallow breathing can also cause anxiety - it’s a bit of a chicken and egg thing, a loop where it’s hard to find which comes first.

Learning to change your breathing can help you control anxiety and become calm. It sounds very simple, but like all simple truths it can take a while to get the hang of.

Here’s how to get started in controlling your breath to reduce anxiety when it strikes, and better still, to train yourself to feel calm and in control so that anxiety doesn’t catch you unawares.

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