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Are Breathing Exercises for Anxiety a Waste of Time?

Photo by Xanetia

Anyone who’s suffered from anxiety knows that it’s an all encompassing feeling that makes you want to run if you're out, or stay in if you're not. Then in addition to what it does to your mind, there are the very real physical symptoms of a pounding heart, gasping for air, sweating, shaking, and even feeling like you might pass out.

When you experience the full force of a panic attack and you are looking for help, you want something that feels like it respects and matches the scale of your anxiety. Anxiety is a big issue, so you want a big solution. Something that sounds like it can match that force, that life altering awful experience. Something that isn't new age, or old hat.

And that's way many anxiety sufferers don't want to try breathing exercises for anxiety relief. It sounds too simple and too small for such a big problem. I know, I've been there...

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