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How Understanding Anxiety Can Help You Find Relief

Everyone suffers from anxiety occasionally, but when anxiety takes over your life it’s a very different experience to a spell of short-term anxiety that’s related to a specific event. Ayurveda offers some useful insights into how anxiety manifests and what you can do to help yourself control it.

According to Ayurveda, anxiety comes from aggravation of vata dosha. One of the key attributes of vata is movement, vata is always moving and its movement is by nature erratic rather than flowing, you can see this in a vata type person, they have a restlessness about their head and eyes.

Ayurveda teaches that like increases like, when you move around a lot you aggravate vata by increasing it's own movement, that aggravation in turn affects your nervous system and your mind.
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Simple Acts of Calm: Take Your Mind on a Mini Break

Stress experts are telling us that by the time we get that holiday it’s almost too late. Many of us are so run down before we get a break that when we finally get away our body takes a nose dive and decides to really let go by succumbing to exhaustion or a bug.

We know that a walk, swim, or yoga class are great ways to diffuse stress but a recent study found that we can also achieve great results in relaxation without even leaving our desk. A recent study at the University of Connecticut encouraged participants to try simple stress management sessions that involved breathing slowly and visualising a peaceful place and found that: “Just four ‘mini relaxation’ stress management sessions (1 1/2 to 2 minutes) over the course of the day reduced work-related stress as effectively as 15-minute blocks of progressive muscle relaxation.”

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Natural Anxiety Remedies: 7 Super Simple Ways to Cultivate Calm

If a friend is upset we want to help them, we will call them up and talk things through and get our head working to see what we can do. But when we get anxious ourselves, we quickly loose sight of any possible solution. Work stress, financial worries, noise pollution and the ADHD provoking hum of a society that never sleeps and has put screens everywhere you look can leave you feeling overwhelmed and disconnected.

Anxiety has to be one of the worst feelings. It turns everything a shade of grey, drawing your attention to unwanted thoughts and smothering your joy for life.

Ancient Perspectives on a Very Current Syndrome
Ayurveda teaches that anxiety is usually due to a disturbance of vata dosha in the nervous system and it offers some excellent natural anxiety remedies that can help you be your own best friend and feel back in calm and confident control of your life.
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The Anxiety Epidemic: Natural Ways to Find Some Relief

977601682_b36b145311_m.jpgHarvard Medical School has just reported that there are now over 15 million American people living with Social Anxiety Disorder. That's a huge amount of suffering individuals, each and every one of them a unique person struggling with genuine anxiety induced symptoms like palpitations, feeling faint or dizzy, shortness of breath, sweating, and fear of losing control in social situations. recommends 4 Techniques That Really Work to Reduce Stress and Anxiety. The techniques include deep diaphragmatic breathing and gradual relaxation.


Here on Living by Design we have some free relaxation MP3s designed to guide listeners step-by-step through breathing and relaxation exercises - when you're feeling anxious it's hard to figure out how to get calm for yourself and that's why we made these guided MP3's, the idea behind them being that you can listen to them and follow along while you get guidance and support on how to get calm again.

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