Life Lessons from the Sea

A guest post by: Jacob Mojiwat

I consider myself to be extremely lucky as I have lived next to the ocean for my entire life. Through its crystalline, flowing waters, it can lead us to a life of tranquility and fulfilment. It is the giver of endless gifts, handing out lessons about the world we live in with each crashing wave. Beneath the surface and along the sandy beaches are morsels of truth, love, respect, and fulfilment. If we only look, listen and feel the messages from the sea we can lead a truer life, a stronger life.

Below are lessons from the ocean blue that have lead me on a more fulfilling, successful, and happy path through life. There is an abundance of joy surrounding the magical depths of the sea and if one can take trust in the wisdom of the waters, a better life is waiting.


  • Catch a Wave and Ride It

  • Whether body surfing, boogie boarding or surfing a 30-footer, there is much joy the ocean waves can offer up. You might just catch the ride of your life one day while waiting patiently, bobbing up and down on the water. And you wouldn't want to miss it because your mind's fretting over a lost credit card or a possible pay cut. When the ocean offers us a joyful ride we should hop on board and not look back.

    There are times in everyone's life we wish we could change something that we are powerless to change. So we must look ahead and hope for a big, glorious wave to sweep us up and carry us away from our worries. I have learned to find fun and joy in the ocean. And searching under the waves can be just as rewarding as riding them. What wonderful sea life abounds, especially along a pristine coral reef where the ocean is at its most bountiful beauty. Don't let opportunities for fun and adventure pass you by. You might be feeling glum and bogged down in the mundane daily rituals of life. Distracted by schedules, deadlines and stress we can miss out on seeing the joy in life. We need to slow down and appreciate the beauty of what we do have to be thankful for. So enjoy floating carelessly atop the water and grab on tight to that wave of joy when it comes. And it will.


  • Get in the Water Even if You Can't See the Bottom

  • Ernest Hemingway wrote in his novel The Old Man and the Sea, "A man is never lost at sea." Sure there are trepidations with diving into that ocean water just as there are trepidations in life. But one must put trust in oneself and in the depths of the sea. It is a matter of perseverance and confidence. If you worked so hard to rise up the mast, then get ready to sail and don't back out.

    Go for that promotion. Ask that girl out. Trust in yourself and dip that toe into the water and never look back. Having confidence around the sea is important. It's a big fish eat little fish world. Sometimes life on land is just the same. But don't be afraid to face down a foe, go where you've never been before or try again if once you have failed. Turn your boat to face the waves and take a dip if you're hot, even if the waters are deep and dark. A darting clownfish could be waiting behind that gray rock waiting to see if you're ready to play.


  • Just When it's Getting Too Deep, You'll Find a Sand Bar

  • Having hope is as important at sea as it is on land. Many things can go wrong at sea and many times you might face some perils in life. Some are minor and some quite serious. But believing that there's a sand bar out there to give you rest and support can give you the energy you need to reach it.

    It's about attitude. If you find yourself staring down an obstacle with lowered eyelids, you will likely get stuck. But if you put up your fists, stand up tall and know there's hope around the corner, that obstacle will fade. Water can get deep fast and life can seem overwhelming quickly. It is up to you whether you cower behind the coral or punch that tiger shark in the snout.


  • To Find the Best Shells, Walk Slowly

  • Slow down and smell the roses, don't trample them. If you don't watch where you're going and move carefully you could destroy what beauty the world has offered. And it is important to respect that beauty. It is delicate, it is wondrous and it can slip through your fingers if you're not looking.

    Mother Nature deposits the most beautiful and free gifts from the ocean onto our beaches. When we take a walk along the shore to clear our minds we cannot help but peak down in hopes of finding an unscathed conch shell or colorful piece of sea glass. Life offers us up wonders every day. A kiss on the cheek. A lucky lottery ticket in your hand. A love note left by your bed. If we walk carelessly through life we might miss the beauty around us both on land and around the ocean blue.


About the author: Jacob Mojiwat is passionate about the ocean and water sports. Currently he is sharing the wonders of scuba diving in Malaysia with others. His company puts together Asia diving packages for an unparalleled diving experience.

image by Nemo's great uncle