LBD link love: Developing Awareness

Sharing some thoughtful posts I have enjoyed this week from bloggers who are writing about awareness:


Recovery Seeds … Be Aware of Your Pain from Jane @ Teeny Tiny Pieces


Clip: Spend a little time considering the root of your pain.  Maybe, on a rare occasion, you’ll decide that there’s nothing that can be done to improve the situation … then again, maybe you’ll find that having a glimpse of the root of the problem begins to open a channel for change.

Just for today, consider that there might be a better way. 

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The Benefits of Slow from Jen @ Reach Our Dreams

Clip: Allow time to listen to your inner wisdom

One HUGE benefit of slowing down, is having the time to listen to your intuition. When I was busy all the time, life was happening at such a break-neck speed that I was often out of touch with what I really felt. If you think about all of the external influences you encounter each day, it's mind boggling. Advertising and social media alone can be too huge influences before we even think about relationships, work and all our other commitments. Notice how a little more space in your day allows you to get in touch with what is going on for you. It will spur you on to create more.

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