Review: Deepak Chopra's Stress Free App for iPhone

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From the press release: Stress Free is the first in a series of iPhone applications and mobile programs from Deepak Chopra. It also represents the first time such a program is being released directly in an interactive mobile format, without first being released in a book. With his new series of personalized mobile applications, Dr. Chopra intends to provide people with the opportunity of making significant life changes by following daily habit-changing exercises on the go and throughout the day.

The new application combines evidence-based psychology research with traditional Vedic principles. The self-guided program walks users through a set of stress-reduction activities and skills. Throughout each step in the program, users are personally coached by Dr. Chopra in a series of activity-specific videos. Activities include self-reflective interactive exercises relating to one's body, self/ego, relationships and emotions, as well as journaling, questionnaires, music therapy, meditations, yoga exercises and personal nutrition tips based on the concepts of Ayurveda.

First Impressions

The first thing that struck me about the Stress Free application was the design - it's beautiful. After a little research I found out it's design by Signal Patterns, the same people that designed the equally lovely looking Gratitude Stream. Signal Patterns are a company that specialise in psychology based mobile applications, so along with their skills in design Stress Free has the feel of being created with care.



The app features six keys, each one containing a collection of exercises and information to help you develop self awareness and relax.

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Key 1: Find Your True Identity

Key 2: Live the Present

Key 3: Use Your Body for Feedback

Key 4: Find Invincibility

Key 5: Rid Yourself of Toxins

Key 6: Practice the Law of Attraction





Stress Free features videos and audio of Dr. Chopra who leads the user through a series of journaling exercises, guided meditations, music therapy and yoga exercises.

When you start working through your first key you are asked to provide your email address, Stress Free then begins sending you daily emails with an inspirational quote from Deepak and an overview of your progress through the exercises. The message also reminds you of any goals you have set and offers links to video guides on a couple of yoga routines and breathing exercises.


Deepak Chopra's Stress Free application is beautifully designed and packed with thought provoking exercises and information. With exercises like the sleep meditation, breath meditation, and using your body for feedback, Stress Free offers good value for money and a rich variety of ways to fit some introspection and relaxation into your day.



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