Are Health Conscious Googlers Missing Out on Ayurveda?

Last month over 1,220,000 people searched Google looking for information on yoga. Yet Ayurveda, yoga's sister science, prompted a mere 33,000 searches. It seems we are slow to catch on in the West, while yoga has steadily grown in popularity her sister science, Ayurveda, remains largely undiscovered.


This is a great shame since Ayurveda holds healing secrets that every parent, partner and friend really should know. It teaches us how to develop awareness of how our diet, lifestyle and relationships affect our health, how to cultivate a calm peaceful mind, and how to be healthy and happy so that we can invest our attention in developing our spiritual awareness rather than just running around feeling stressed out and tired and worrying about how we are going to pay the next bill.


The Great Treasure of Self Awareness

Ayurveda teaches self-awareness, not self-absorption, it shows us how to know ourselves; how we react to our environment, our work, our diet, and the people around us. Ayurveda reveals our individual nature and with that understanding comes valuable knowledge on how to support and care for ourselves in accord with mother nature.

In a world where we are constantly bombarded by information, traffic, long work hours and generally multi-tasking ourselves to the point of exhaustion, Ayurveda is as relevant to the health of humanity now as it was at is original presentation 5,000 years ago. Yet the busy ones who need it most are usually too busy with other things to learn something new and unfamiliar sounding.

Since we are all concerned with our health and happiness it saddens me to think that Ayurveda is still a "secret". By learning some basic principles of Ayurveda you can make gentle lifestyle adjustments that will reduce the chances of you developing many of the serious illnesses you may be concerned about.

Life is not a game of Russian roulette, the development of disease and depression follow a pattern, and Ayurveda can show you how to know that pattern and how to change it for yourself. Ayurveda puts your health in your hands. That doesn't mean that you stop any medications or stop visiting your doctor, it means that you can live a life of integrated health, where you discover the self-empowerment of knowing natural ways in which you can help yourself whilst also working under the guidance of your doctor.



Old does not mean out of touch

Sometimes when Ayurveda is described as 5,000 years old people question it's relevance to us here and now, but Ayurveda is timeless, it is the science of health care for humanity based on timeless principles of nature. The nature of the universe, nature around you and nature within you. The building blocks of the human body and mind have not changed in 5,000 years, but the way we treat them has. We have strayed far from nature with our climbing stress levels, our pesticides, corn syrups, chemical sweeteners and GMO foods, there was never a better time to unlock the secret of Ayurveda and embrace it's simple yet potent teachings as the ultimate health insurance.


Empowered, Healthy and Happy

In conclusion: the purpose of Ayurveda is to make basic knowledge on how to live a long healthy and happy life available to everyone. For further reading please see the articles on Ayurveda below.



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