Simple Acts of Calm: Take Your Mind on a Mini Break

Stress experts are telling us that by the time we get that holiday it’s almost too late. Many of us are so run down before we get a break that when we finally get away our body takes a nose dive and decides to really let go by succumbing to exhaustion or a bug.

We know that a walk, swim, or yoga class are great ways to diffuse stress but a recent study found that we can also achieve great results in relaxation without even leaving our desk. A recent study at the University of Connecticut encouraged participants to try simple stress relief techniques that involved breathing slowly and visualising a peaceful place and found that: “Just four ‘mini relaxation’ stress management sessions (1 1/2 to 2 minutes) over the course of the day reduced work-related stress as effectively as 15-minute blocks of progressive muscle relaxation.”

Those who took part said they were happy to stick with the quick and easy relaxation sessions in the future because they only took a minute or two.

A Mini Break Experience for You to Try:

Close your eyes, drop your shoulders, relax your jaw by decorating your face with the hint of a smile, lean back and let yourself go somewhere beautiful. Somewhere peaceful and calm, the perfect location for you to just be, calm and relaxed. Take a deep breath and let it go, and let your tension go with it too, with every exhale you can let stress and tension float up and away into the sky above your head.

Stay a minute or two and enjoy the scenery and, when you feel ready, refreshed and relaxed, you can return to what you are doing with your day.


Photo by Pear Biter

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