Immune System Facts: Ayurveda Reveals What Really Affects Your Immunity

Have you ever wondered why it is that some people get sick when there's a bug going around and others don't? Ayurveda teaches that this is due to whether our immune system is balanced or not at the time of exposure to a virus or bacterial infection. A balanced immune system offers better resistance to pathogens which are always around us. So does that mean that some people will always get sick and others won't? Not necessarily.

We know that some people are born with a stronger immune system than others, but the message from Ayurveda is that our level of immunity is not set in stone. This article explores the ancient concept that you can directly influence your own health and immunity.


Immune System Facts & Factors

While there are rigid factors in immunity such as the level of protection we inherit from our parents at the time of our conception, and external factors like our age, living conditions and whether or not the season is favourable for the development of a particular bacteria or virus, there is one important factor that we can influence and that is the area of acquired immunity i.e. that which we can strengthen by diet, herbs, routine care etc.


A strong immune system can be weakened by lack of sleep, stress, negative emotions, lack of respect for the body's natural intelligence and a poor diet.


Conversely a weaker immune system can be strengthened by good quality rest, a nourishing diet, meditation or stress management techniques, acting with emotional intelligence, breathing exercises and supportive herbs.


Your Health In Your Hands

The positive message here is that we can all be proactive about our health. Each and every day we have the chance to make good decisions and look after ourselves, when we show ourselves some care and self-respect we can relax and know that we are giving ourselves the best chance of enjoying the protection balanced immunity offers us. 


In conclusion: If we keep ourselves in good mental and physical balance this will be reflected in our immune health.