5 Good Reasons to Add a Few Minutes Meditation to Your Day

Research is repeatedly reminding us that meditation is a simple and gentle way to enter into a balanced state that benefits us on all levels. Every day more and more people are turning to meditation to fulfill their need for relaxation, introspection and inner peace - here's five good reasons to consider joining them:


1. Increase Your Relaxation

One of the main benefits that draws people to try meditation is that it's incredibly relaxing. Just 5 minutes a day spent watching and deepening your breath can help reduce stress and tension in your life.


2. Refresh Your Mind

Stress and busyness can dull your thinking and bury your creative intelligence in a snow of tasks and obligations, when you meditate you reconnect with your inner resources and gain fresh perspective on your life.


3. Develop Self Awareness

Meditation gives you space to be with your thoughts and move through the fog of mental chatter to a bigger and calmer perspective, it also bridges the connection between your mind and body and puts you back in touch with your body's natural intelligence. The benefits of that reconnection will soon show up in your lifestyle choices, your diet, and your relationships.


4. Enjoy Free Health Perks

Meditation offers first class health benefits. It improves your breathing, your immunity, your blood pressure, and your energy levels. When you commit to meditating regularly you can expect to feel the physical benefits within a few days.


5. Feel Calm and Grow

In the word's of the Dog Whisperer calm and assertive is the way to be. He's right, and meditation will get you there. With a small regular practice you can feel your relaxation increase and your confidence grow. The beauty of meditation is that you can feel the benefits not just while you are practising but throughout your day. You can feel at ease within your self and with the world about you. You can move with a relaxed grace, breathe in life and begin to expand your consciousness as stress takes a back seat and you grow the life you want to live.


About the Author: Ananga Sivyer is the editor of Living by Design and the life coach behind Inner Calm Audio, she is also the author of the EFT workbook The Art & Science of Emotional Freedom. Get more from Ananga on Facebook or Twitter.

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