Living by Design Blog Carnival No.33

It's carnival time again. In this edition I'm featuring posts from writers who are offering quick and easy tips on reducing stress and worry. Happy reading.

Vincent presents 15 Ways To Help You To Stop Worrying posted at Hit Your Goals, saying, "Use these 15 tips to help you to stop worrying."

Stress Relief Techniques Online presents Stress Relief Techniques: 5 Avoidance Tactics That Can Save You Time and Stop Unnecessary Stress saying, "One of my favourite stress relief techniques I’ve picked up over the years is avoidance - i.e. side stepping stress altogether. It didn’t come naturally to me, it’s something I learned to do by observing others who handle stress well and it’s been immensely useful. Here’s what I learned…"

Mike King presents 8 Methods to Find Inspiration posted at Learn This.

Shortcut Sleuth presents 10 Tips to Stop Yourself From "Losing It" posted at Shortcut Sleuth, saying, "Learn to let go of some of the stress in your day and get through life maintaining more of your sanity with these tips!"

Wally Bock presents Big success from little steps posted at Momentor.


That concludes this edition, thanks to everyone who contributed. Please submit your blog article to the next edition using our carnival submission form.


Carnival compiled by Ananga Sivyer. Join me on Facebook or Twitter


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