Yoga Nidra - the Ultimate in Restoration

When focusing on our to do and should do lists the first thing we seem willing to sacrifice is rest and relaxation. The squeeze we feel to get more done may temporarily up our productivity, but eventually we will come undone as stress builds beyond tolerable levels and we fall exhausted into bed.

Ironically, if we want to get more done and do it well we need to rest more! I'm not talking about sleeping for ten hours a night, I'm talking about taking the brain offline for a genuine rest with no phones and no pressure.

Enter the art of yoga nidra. Yoga nidra is the ancient practice of completely resting your body and mind while you hover in the deeply soothing state somewhere between deep relaxation and sleep.

To practice yoga meditation alone can be tricky when you have a head full of busyness, but to experience it with the help of a guide is easy and thoroughly enjoyable. Our new relaxation download "Beyond the Clouds" offers a guided yoga nidra and hypnosis experience designed to give your mind complete and supportive rest.

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Photo by ▌ÇP▐