Simple Acts of Calm: Sitting Still

It sounds simple enough doesn't it? Sitting still - just sitting, and not moving. Not scurrying, pacing, rushing, texting, talking - just sitting still. And just for 5 minutes.

And yet, in practice, sitting still and not speaking for five minutes can be super challenging. The trouble is, we're not used to it and our minds resent it. We might feel frustrated, antsy, or downright contained and bursting at the seams to speak and move.

As discussed in my post "What if I'm too Tense to Relax" sometimes we have to meet ourselves half way and find a place where we can sit still and gain full benefit from the experience but still pacify our mind so that it might settle down and let us be.

One very relaxing and supportive way to step into silence is the 5 Finger Qigong exercise - a sitting still experience that's so relaxing and anxiety soothing it is often used in group sessions for recovering addicts.

5 Finger Qigong is featured in the Beautiful Calm Guided Meditation Collection you can also download a free version here.

Ease yourself into the benefits of a few moments of deeply restful silence today. And when you have, note your experience in your journal, or leave a comment in the box below - writing commits our experience to memory so that we can remember what's good for us in times of challenge.


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