Simple Acts of Calm: The Silent Witness

This Simple Act of Calm employs the art of watching without doing. Your challenge is to spend the day watching the world around you without reacting to, or commenting on, what you see and hear. The idea is to watch without judgement, to keep your feelings neutral and, as best you can, tread lightly and quietly through your day.

Watching without reacting puts us in a peaceful place of detached observation. Somewhere where we can listen and observe but feel free from investing our emotions and energy in what's going on around us.

The silent witness state moves us aside from the centre of activity where our involvement can become cloudy and moves us to a new viewpoint. A place of detached observation where we can see more clearly without our ego, emotions and hasty conclusions clouding our judgement.


Review: Journal and Reflect

At the end of the day, take a few quiet moments to note what you learned in your journal.

Some things you may have noticed:

  • you saved energy by not reacting
  • your silent observation gave you a better understanding of the events of your day than you would normally have had
  • your detached observation let new ideas and solutions to your daily life float to the surface of your quieter calmer mind
  • you learend that you are able to wait before reacting or contributing to any situation and that sometimes it's fine to not react at all
  • you avoided an argument or two

Please feel welcome to share your experiences by leaving a comment.

Written by Ananga Sivyer.
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