Living by Design Blog Carnival No.25

613529848_3e5ef8f56c_m.jpgWelcome to the latest edition of the Living by Design personal development blog carnival. Here's my selection for this edition - these are the 10 articles I enjoyed reading the most out of 92 that were sumitted - thank you to everyone who contributed.




Arin Vahanian presents How to Get Rid of Excuses NOW and Start Living the Kind of Life You’ve Always Wanted posted at Super State. Preview: "Every human, since the beginning of time, has made excuses, and everyone will keep making excuses – the aim here is not to eliminate every single excuse uttered by every single person on Earth. Rather, it is to help people eliminate the unnecessary excuses they make which prevent them from succeeding in their relationships, in business, and in nearly every other aspect of their lives."


Sean Reynolds presents Creativity » Mind posted at Creativity, saying, "Do we own our own minds? How much of our thinking is created for us? In George Orwell’s famous novel 1984 the thought police patrolled and reprogrammed anyone whose thoughts were not in line with Big Brothers, the unseen leader. History is written by the victors. Being victorious makes it right. Maybe there is an unseen justice in this and maybe not. A more accurate view of history is that which is experienced by ordinary people assuming that their thoughts are their own."


Sarah Scrafford presents Processing the Facts Behind Processed Food posted at Your Holistic Life - Live Well!. Sarah's asking: "are all processed foods really bad for you?"

Dr. Joe Capista presents Why can't I achieve my goals? posted at The Success Triangle, saying, "If you want what you say you do, you have to set goals. It’s not that difficult and the results will amaze you. Get a blank book. On each page write down your goals in a specific category and date it. Not only should you write your goals down, you must review them morning and night. Write your primary goals on a 3 x 5 card to make the review time more targeted. Doing this will keep you on target with what you want."

Avani presents Better Sorry Than Safe posted at Food For Mind. Saying: "I came across a link to video Possessed sometime back. The video touched and stayed with me for days. While not a compulsive hoarder, I believe all of us hold on to some things for life. We all have some gifts, some snaps, things which are special to us kept locked up. And if we all do hold on to things for the moments it represents, how far off is thinking that we all hold onto thoughts and moments in our minds as well."

Jeremy Neal presents Turning Talents Into Strengths posted at Thoughts on Quotes.

Preview: "We all have natural and innate abilities to do some things better than others. Our genetics determine, to a certain degree, our predispositions and inclinations. We are endowed with gifts from birth that make us uniquely competent in ways that others are not. "Talent is only the starting point," as Berlin accurately points out, and it's up to us to develop our natural abilities into strengths, if we are to truly maximize our potential."

Shamelle presents 8 Stress-Busting, Spirit Lifting, Body-Boosting Ideas To Brighten Your Day With Music posted at Enhance Life. "Sometimes, a morning funk can ruin your entire day. So it is always best to start your day on a happy foot..."

Heather Allen presents Email Your Future Self! posted at The DebtFree Playbook Blog, saying, "How to use a cool tool to help you keep on track with your life design."

David B. Bohl presents How to Change Your Life ? Instead of Letting Life Change You posted at Slow Down Fast Today!, saying, "Steps for Taking Control of the Changes in Your Life."

Anmol Mehta presents Learn How to Meditate | Beginner’s Meditation Class posted at Mastery of Meditation, Enlightenment & Kundalini Yoga, saying, "Learn how to meditate from this popular online class, offered for free on the Mastery of Meditation website."


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