The Anxiety Epidemic: Natural Ways to Find Some Relief

977601682_b36b145311_m.jpgHarvard Medical School has just reported that there are now over 15 million American people living with Social Anxiety Disorder. That's a huge amount of suffering individuals, each and every one of them a unique person struggling with genuine anxiety induced symptoms like palpitations, feeling faint or dizzy, shortness of breath, sweating, and fear of losing control in social situations. recommends 4 Techniques That Really Work to Reduce Stress and Anxiety. The techniques include deep diaphragmatic breathing and gradual relaxation.


Here on Living by Design we have some free relaxation MP3s designed to guide listeners step-by-step through breathing and relaxation exercises - when you're feeling anxious it's hard to figure out how to get calm for yourself and that's why we made these guided MP3's, the idea behind them being that you can listen to them and follow along while you get some guidance and support on how to get calm again.

If you are someone who suffers with anxiety please take a moment to download one of these FREE MP3s with my compliments and my sincere wish that they help you find peace and calm.

Free Anxiety Relief MP3s available on this site include:

The Grounding Technique - a guided exercise in feeling calm and in control

The Relaxing Breath - step-by-step coaching on deep breathing for anxiety relief and relaxation

Deep and Slow: Hypnosis Relaxation MP3 - a gentle hypnotic induction for learning to watch your breath and enter a deeply relaxed state