Emotional Freedom Techniques: How to do EFT

427180864_363a521a3f_m.jpgEFT is a self-help tool that works wonderfully for dissolving negative emotions like anxiety, sadness and anger. If you haven't tried EFT for yourself yet, here's a quick guide to get you started...

To use EFT you tap with your fingertips on a set sequence of acupuncture points (see diagram) while you focus on one specific issue, or feeling, that is causing you disturbance...

Step 1: Name Your Issue

Name the problem in your own words. Keep it simple - something like “I’m really stressed” would be perfect.

Now measure your discomfort. How stressed do you feel out of 10? If 0 was completely relaxed, and 10 was stressed to the max, where are you on the scale at this moment?


Step 2: Get Set

The first, and most important part, of using EFT is to get set-up. For this you need to use a set-up statement. The basic formula for this is to say: “even though I have this .... (state the problem), I deeply and completely accept myself.”

Tip: Be specific. The more specific you are about a given issue, the better EFT will work for you. To be specific you need to express details, if a specific situation has upset you - name it, if a certain person has upset you - name them!

Here are some set-up statement examples to get you started:

“Even though I’m furious with xxx for speaking to me so harshly, I deeply and completely accept myself.”

“Even though I’m worried sick about my driving test, I deeply and completely accept myself.”

“Even though I have this nagging anxiety in my stomach, I deeply and completely accept myself.”

Now it’s your turn. Rub the “sore spot” area (marked on the diagram as a red oval) with the fingertips of your right hand and say your chosen set-up statement out load three times.

EFT_Treatment_Points.jpgStep 3: Start Tapping

Start tapping the EFT treatment points shown on the diagram, use a short version of your set-up statement to keep yourself focused as you work your way through the tapping points.

For example: as you tap the first point at the inside of your eyebrow you could say “furious with xxx” or “anxiety in my stomach”.

Make your way through the tapping points, one at a time. You can tap each point with either hand, and tap about 7-10 times at each pint. Use your reminder phrase as you go.

Here's a list of the tapping points as pictured on the diagram:
1. on the inside of your eyebrow
2. at the side of your eye
3. under your eye, on the bony ridge under your eye socket
4. under your nose, in the center of your top lip
5. in the centre of your chin
6. collarbone (just under your collarbone on the part next to the breast bone)
7. under your arm (about 4 inches below your armpit)

Step 4: Checking your Progress

Once you have finished tapping, take a deep breath check in with yourself using the 0-10 scale again. When you were about to start tapping you guessed a number that represented the intensity of your feelings over this one given issue.

What is that number now? Has it dropped by two points? Three? Four? Note your improvement, and then tap through the EFT sequence again, and keep repeating until you feel really calm and comfortable.


Summary: EFT in a nutshell

Once you’ve used this sheet with the diagram a few times, you will be able to easily remember how to use EFT anywhere and anytime you choose for a wide range of issues. Here’s a quick recap of the process:

- State the issue using the set-up statement.

- See how upset you are about it from 0-10

- Say your statement aloud 3 times while you rub the sore-spot

- Start tapping at the eyebrow point and use your reminder phrase as you work through to the armpit point

- Take a deep breath and check in with yourself using the 0-10 scale to see how much better you feel now

- Keep tapping until you feel calm and relaxed

Photo by: Dazzie D


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