4 Reasons to Tune into Your Alpha Brainwaves

Alpha brainwaves are produced in the unique alert yet relaxed state that we often experience just before falling asleep or just as we enter waking consciousness in the morning. If you’ve ever noticed that you recall your dreams from the night before just as you are settling down to sleep, you have  experienced the alpha brain state in action.

In the alpha brainwave state your mind is lucid and clear while your body is calm and relaxed. Some key benefits of increasing alpha brainwaves in your own brain include:

Enjoying Calm

The alpha brainwave is the natural brain state that accompanies the relaxation response. That means it’s the perfect anti-dote to stress. Alpha brainwaves naturally boost serotonin levels and can relax the body and mind in just minutes. One good way to enter the alpha state is to use specially recorded music. Although you can feel deeply relaxed when in an alpha state, you will also experience awareness of what’s going on around you, this state of relaxed awareness is unique to the alpha brain state which makes it valuable for getting in touch with your higher thoughts and aspirations.

Making Friends with Flow

In an earlier post on the flow state I spoke about the pleasant sense of effortless productivity that we can all enjoy. The flow state is a highly desirable place to be and one of the best ways to get their is to switch into alpha mode. For writing, and creative pursuits, flow is the exact opposite to feeling “blocked”. In the flow state we are open to exploring new ideas and resourceful about overcoming challenges; and time flies as we find ourselves totally absorbed in the task at hand.

Enhancing Creativity

Many of us get locked in active beta brain patterns which is where logical thought resides, but beta can also run our brains ragged with it’s fast and potentially furious mood. Alpha is the place to be for expressing your creativity. In fact, some research suggest that creative people are more naturally inclined to use the alpha state and that it’s a big part of their creative abilities. They can go there at will, whereas those who are highly stressed seldom enter the alpha state at all.

Easy Learning

Your brain can better soak up information in the alpha state. That’s why super learning programs like Paul Scheele’s Photo Reading encourage settling down into a state of relaxed awareness to allow your brain to absorb large chunks of information at high speed and then recall it later with accuracy.


Photo by silver.and.gold


Resources for Boosting Your Alpha Brainwaves

Effective ways to increase alpha brainwaves include:

Meditation guided breathing or mindfulness meditations are a good place to start

Visualisation or Hypnotic Journeys

Alpha Brain Music like In-Spiral Dreams - Alpha Brain Music for Creativity  

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