What Ayurveda Isn't

lotus-narrow-drop-shadow.jpgFor those who have heard of Ayurveda, the word is often linked to thoughts of spa treatments. Massage, beauty, rejuvenation treatments and detox. While those elements are, or can be, incorporated in Ayurveda, it is not a collection of spa treatments, and it’s purpose is not intended for physical beauty alone.

Ayurveda is an ancient scientific system of medicine which covers all areas of human existence: general health, disease causation and treatment, paediatrics, fertility, toxicology, and psychology.

Ayurveda even has a surgical division dating back thousands of years with anatomical understanding and reconstructive procedures that Western Medicine has only caught up with in the last 2-300 years.

To limit Ayurveda to the realms of the spa is to miss out on it’s vast wealth of information and it’s real life affirming purpose.

A Healthy Body

Ayurveda is the science of life. It’s knowledge is provided to enhance and prolong life. By providing relevant lifestyle and nutritional advice, effective home remedies, diagnostics therapeutic care, Ayurveda supports all areas of health and facilitates a comfortable physical existence from which we can stretch our minds to higher thinking.


A Peaceful Mind

Ayurveda also teaches how to keep the mind healthy. It gives practical advice on how to avoid stress, how to calm anxiety and the nervous system, how to reduce addictive cravings, soothe fear, sleep peacefully, keep happy, and develop a calm and contemplative centre.

A Platform for Spiritual Personal Development

The final aim of Ayurveda is to provide a stable platform on which you can stand with a comfortable, flexible, healthy body and a calm, inquisitive, healthy mind and look towards real spiritual understanding.

Without the priceless assets of a human body and mind, we cannot begin to uncover our eternal spiritual nature. Ayurveda offers the means to maintain a healthy body and mind so that you can use them as a springboard to the deeper understanding that you are more than this body, you are an eternal spirit soul…



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