Escape Stress with Guided Meditation

dreamstime_909858-01.jpgCan something as simple as guided meditation really address serious stress issues? Yes! Read on and I'll tell you why...

Stress can pose a real threat to the quality of your life. When you're busy, it's surprisingly easy to slide into feelings of being overburdened, and from there you can easily become irritable and snappy with your loved ones.

Brief spells like this aren't really a major problem, they may ruffle a few feathers in the family home, but if stress levels recover again, things usually settle down - until the next time.

When stress becomes a real problem is when it goes unchecked and starts to accumulate without respite and without release. Once that starts to happen, tempers fray, and poor decisions are made due to lack of clear thinking. And it's here that stress can start to cause significant damage in your life. Poor decision making and hasty choices, usually lead to messy complications which then cause further stress.

Once your stress levels are spoiling your decision making it's hard to step aside and take control of the situation because it can feel like everything is flying in your face and you just don't have time to stop.

But stop you must before you're stopped by an unwelcome prompt, like a ruined friendship or marriage, or the discovery of a serious health issue.



How Guided Meditation Can Save the Day

There are two factors in guided meditation that make it an excellent resource in stress management.

1. Guided meditations is a very simple and effective way to develop relaxation skills.

Simply by listening and learning some simple guided breathing meditations you can send messages to your mind and to your body that it's OK to stop worrying, and stop rushing about.

Once that message gets through, you can feel tension start to drain away from your body, you can feel everything starting to relax and settle down and you can experience genuine relief from stress and anxiety. While you are enjoying those feelings, your body can get down to some repair and restoration work. Your nervous system can take a much needed break, your immune system and digestive system can settle into healthy and supportive functioning.

2. Guided meditation is easy.

When you're already feeling stressed out and busy, the last thing you want to do is learn something new. This is where guided meditation proves to be a real asset in stress reduction, because you don't have to learn anything. All you need to do is pick a guided meditation session and sit back and listen. If you find a good one with a guide who knows stress and practices meditation themself, they can talk you through in such an easy and effective way, that you will begin to feel the benefits of guided meditation instantly.

Obviously the more you practice the more benefit you will get, but with guided meditation you don’t have to sit for an hour every day doing nothing, just 10 minutes of listening and following along with an exercise will yield very noticeable results within days.

Post written by Ananga Sivyer. Join me on Facebook or Twitter