It's All About Energy!

If you are like me, you must be perplexed about the “Law of Attraction” concepts presented in the acclaimed movie “The Secret”. I know I was, so I decided to look a bit deeper into the whole “attraction” craze that most everybody is talking about these days… and what I found was enlightening…

It all started with Google and a simple search that lead me to Isaac Newton and his theories about how the world works. Then I went on to read how Quantum Physics has largely replaced Newton’s beliefs and modified the actual view of reality as we’ve known it. I was in awe as I discovered the major paradigm shift that humanity is facing, mostly because of the magnificent possibilities this awareness is already creating for us…

The most fascinating point is based on the fact that the Universe is non-solid energy. Since we are part of the Universe, we are pure energy as well. You may not believe it or even feel it, but stop and think about what this means: you and I and everybody else are made up of non-solid energy vibrations! And it goes even further… every single thing within the Universe, animated or unanimated, is also energy. Yes. Your car, the music you hear, the food you taste, and even your neighbor’s dog and the chair you’re sitting on... everything!

Science has discovered molecules, then split them into atoms, and electrons, and subatomic particles, and so on and so forth. All of this encompasses the fact that every single bit of matter is energy. This energy is composed greatly by empty space in which very small particles vibrate at specific frequencies which in turn manifest in different physical and non-physical forms. This explains why not everything is as hard as steel or as soft as cotton. Each object or physical structure resonates at its own frequency.

Our physical bodies, for instance, have a slower vibration while our emotions have a higher vibration. Therefore, the slower the vibration, the more dense and solid the matter appears. And, the higher the vibration the less solid it is, like in the case of our thoughts and feelings.

Naturally then, our bodies which are pure energy, will tend to pick up on the energies that are around us according to what we have in our minds on a regular basis. That is why according to “The Secret” we are attracting more of what we don’t want as we focus on our “problems” (our thoughts and feelings are energy, remember?). And that is the premise behind the “Like Attracts Like” concept.

So how are we to determine what our bodies attract? By elevating our vibrations through the correct use of our thoughts and emotions. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Choose what you think, and then charge it with powerful emotions and take the necessary steps that will bring the desired result. This is exactly “The Secret” formula condensed into one sentence!

Still, it may be hard to grasp this concept, so let’s take Quantum Physics a bit further.
We perceive the world around us through our five senses: hearing, smell, taste, vision and touch. This just means that we are limited by our five senses as well as by the experiences we accumulate throughout our lifetimes through the use of those senses. Think of it this way… if we were lacking the sense of smell, we wouldn’t be able to perceive the aroma of a rose. Would that mean then that the rose’s scent was non-existent?

And now, let’s open our minds a bit further for a second. Based on the prior paragraph let’s explore the possibility of an actual world out there that we are unable to perceive with our five senses… a world that is being discovered by Quantum Physics as we speak.

The inevitable question now arises… Are we truly limited by our five senses? Or are we unlimited creatures capable of modifying our environment and creating our lives as we desire by exploring, understanding and utilizing the concepts that Quantum Physics suggests?

If this is the case, we can learn to control our thoughts that mixed with the right emotions will create higher vibrations. These vibrations will allow us to tap into the higher vibrations of the Universe to bring about all what we want by “knowing” what actions to take to manifest our desires. Let that thought sink for a minute. The understanding of this concept is truly powerful.

Most agree that the sole awareness of these facts will definitely have a positive impact in our lives both, as individuals and as a part of the whole human race. What do you think?

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