5 Quick and Easy Ways to Reduce Stress

Everyone gets stressed now and then. But when stress becomes a constant presence in your life it can wreak havoc with your health, your immune system, your work performance and your relationships.

Reducing the load of stress in your life is essential if you are to get any pleasure and purpose from your existence. Stress left unattended feeds anxiety and addictive cravings and makes for snappy exchanges with your loved ones.

Read on for 5 easy and effective ways to shrug of stress and rediscover your lighter side:

1. Guided Relaxation
Let someone else lift your load, settle back and listen to a guided relaxation. Try my 5 finger qigong exercise for becoming calm and reducing anxiety here...

2. Blow it all Away
Discover some simple breathing exercises to relax your body and give your brain a break. Try my free relaxing breath meditation, or get serious results with my Beautiful Calm meditation and relaxation audio set.

3. Meditate
Get some feel-good brain chemicals floating through your veins by investing a few minutes each day in meditation. Download my FREE meditation ebook for 9 simple exercises in meditation and relaxation.

4. Walk your Worries Away
Walking is still one of the easiest and most beneficial ways to give yourself a break from stress. Burn of adrenaline, stretch and relax your muscles, and allow your mind to mull things over and get clear and calm as you wander through woods, a park, or even round the block.

5. Hypnosis for Relaxation
Try my free relaxation hypnosis download - over 10,000 people have listened to this 10 minute guided exercise in deep breathing and relaxation - join them and give yourself a rest from stress today.



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