What Side of the Brain do Creative People Use?

istock_cerebrum_web_save.jpgAnswer: Both! It used to be assumed that creative people were right hemisphere dominant - or right brain thinkers, while in some cases this may be true, the majority of creative people are whole brain thinkers, good examples being Einstein and Leonardo daVinci both famous for their combined application of logic and big picture thinking.

Music is the Perfect Way
Music has been used for centuries to soothe the mind and balance the brain. From the high frequency inspirational melodies of Mozart, to the steady 60 beats per minute of Baroque, music has calmed the spirit and uplifted the mind of millions the world over.

But in today’s world of rushing about, it is not only our life style that has sped up, but our music too. Most popular songs are recorded at 120bpm (beats per minute) they’re fast, and some of them are furious too!

Hemispheric Harmony Music is different. It is carefully structured to facilitate specific experiences: creativity, relaxation, even a lift in mood, all are possible with the gentle and natural sounds that your whole brain will love.

The key to a creative, productive and balanced brain is not whether it is left, or right hemisphere dominant - the key is integration. Integration of the hemispheres means the whole brain is working, happily and in harmony.

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