The High Vibes Game: How I Raise my Vibes

 I've been tagged by OptimistLab to take part in the High Vibes Game and write about 5 things I do to raise my vibe. So here goes...

1. Reflection, Meditation, and Silence
I spend a lot of time in front of computers, and while I love what I do, I can find myself feeling pretty fizzy headed after a few hours. Quiet time, therefore, is essential to me.

I get up with, or before, the birds and practice meditation or study the Vedas. By rising early, I know that whatever noise and business the day may bring, I've already had my dose of quiet.

I like to do the same at the end of the day too - so I make myself a "peace sandwich" whatever got done in the middle was all well and good, and I can settle down for the night with a clear head and peaceful mind.

2. Reading
Reading is my way of associating with people who inspire me, I see them as literary mentors: A.C. Bhaktivedanata Swami's wonderful purports on the Bhagavad Gita, Sivarama Swami's windows to the spiritual world via his Krishna in Vrndavana series, Vasant Lad or Dr David Frawleys texts on Ayurveda, and good quality personal development literature. I like to read anything that uplifts or instruct me. Learning is a passion of mine and I love what it does to my mind and mood.

3. Music
Devotional music definitely raises my vibe. I enjoy it best when it's live and I can participate and be with like minded souls, but when I'm working or relaxing at home I like to listen on my iPod.

4. Good Company
Conversations with my husband and friends, chatting or playing with my daughter, laughing, listening, learning, real meaningful human exchange with some depth and substance to it.

5. Nature
I find being in the countryside, or near water, really calms my mind and puts me in a very positive and peaceful state. Sometimes I have a real need to be near the sea or a river. And I love animals - all of them, I eat a vegetarian diet and I have several rescue critters that I care for. Our home is surrounded by wild birds and squirrels that we leave food for and I find watching them always makes me smile. I enjoy caring for our rescue rabbits and guinea pigs, even cleaning them out feels like a good and grounding alternative to time spent with my fingers attached to a keyboard.

That's my five, how about you?