Cat Poo Coffee: Just When You Think You've Heard it All...

cat_poo_iSrock.jpgIf you’ve got money to spare and a strong stomach, or are completely mad, the world holds a fascinating array of grim gourmet items for your consideration.

There's bird’s nest soup, complete with bird spit, at no extra cost, exquisite maggot infested cheese - “ah but these are “special” maggots sir…”

And now - the worlds most expensive and exclusive coffee, carefully handpicked from the forest floor droppings of civet cats. The coffee gets it’s unique flavour by passing through and out the digestive tract of this financially viable feline.

Kopi Luwack generates $3 billion worth of sales a year in Australia; and apparently people who shell out $50 per cup are “uplifted by the thrill of the experience”.

One connoisseur commented: "It's as good as my private life is bad. This is the kind of coffee you renounce your religion and sell your child for".

Well there you have it - a potentially child selling person of questionable moral character vouches for cat excrement in a cup. I’m off to the kitchen for a positively thrilling and uplifting cup of low cost chai while my daughter sleeps soundly without fear of being exchanged for a handful of “divinely syrupy” debt worthy droppings.

For those who read my post yesterday on food and the gunas - cat poo coffee is definitely in the mode of ignorance. A maggot is a maggot and a cat's poo is a cat's poo and no price tag will ever make them anything other than grim!

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