Steering Clear of the Dodos

I was at a presentation last week where one lady was trying to get a message across about global warming. Her information fell on deaf ears. Her enthusiasm about how we can all play a part was met with muted mutterings that England was a tiny country so what difference could we make? What about the big companies? What about Japan?

I felt saddened by the responses of this audience and further saddened when walking home with one of them who felt that there was no point in bothering. I trudged through my front door feeling like I'd been hanging out with a bunch of defeatist dodos!

It's not the spirit I choose to live by, and if I spent too much time surrounded by others who cant be bothered to express some energy for a worthy cause I might find myself hanging my head in a dark corner of my office with my energy efficient light turned off for good!

So I'm putting my fingers to my keyboard in protest. We can all make a difference. Every one of us. One person at a time, one school, shop, family, or company at a time.

Every light bulb burning contributes to the global warming problems of this planet. How can I change my impact? It starts with me. It starts with you. We all have a choice in how earth friendly our home lighting etc is. To point the finger at big companies is to wash our hands of any share in the problem and rob ourselves of any positive impact.

Is it OK for me to drop litter if I just drop a little bit? No - litter is litter and I won't drop any, even if my few pieces is nothing compared to the waste of corporate giants.

We are all response-able in every aspect of our life. We are blessed with free will and the ability to make choices. To cruise through life thoughtlessly and without bothering to steer is an insult to the precious gift of human life.

Al Gore is one man who has chosen to contribute, his DVD An Inconvenient Truth is perhaps the most informative and compelling presentation on wising up to our individual impact on the future of our planet.

If you haven't seen it yet - I recommend it.

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