Are you Aware of What you Eat?

If you eat on the go, then you are not really eating. Sure, your mouth chews and swallows, but you may as well be eating cardboard. The process of digestion is a subtle and complex one. And it requires your attention as well as the mechanical act of merely chewing and swallowing.

Ayurveda (India’s science of health and longevity) recommends that we eat slowly, peacefully and with gratitude. Food eaten in a rush or while you are angry or anxious becomes a hazard to your health. It accumulates in the body as toxic waste and will never nourish you and provide fuel for your body and mind.

Digestion and distraction don’t go well together - when we are stressed or anxious the blood flow from the stomach and digestive system is diverted to our limbs via the “fight or flight” response. In this state your digestive system goes offline completely. Food will just sit there and without proper processing and assimilation of it’s goodness.

Eating in a calm and grateful way aids digestion and also helps you maintain a healthy body weight. When you eat with attention and gratitude your stomach gets the chance to let your brain know what’s going in it. It can register satisfaction, and that nourishment has been received.

In conclusion: Eating with conscious awareness is the first step towards conquering emotional eating and poor digestion.

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