A Modicum of Mirth

From Osho’s Body Mind Balancing book:

“Look at people when they laugh. They laugh very calculatingly. It is not a belly laugh, it is not coming from the very depth of their being. They first look at you, then they judge… and then they laugh. And they laugh to a particular extent, the extent which you will tolerate, the extent that will not be taken amiss, the extent where nobody becomes jealous.”

When was the last time you had a bloody good laugh? Not a socially correct expression of amusement, but one where your sides hurt.

There’s nothing like it is there? That complete social abandonment that comes with losing it, cracking up, howling and hurting with hilarity.

I’m thinking of my friends today who have made me laugh until I gasped for air and the times I’ve done the same for them - for actually, it’s a great service to give some levity and real laughter in a world where natural treasures are losing ground.

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