Personal Ecology Project

butterfly2.jpgIf you want to possess some energy and enthusiasm for life you need to look to your personal ecology. What does that mean? It means look to the landscape that is you. Is it well tended to and nourished? Or is it a toxic wasteland?

Do you have a “no tresspassers” sign at your gate? Do you even have a gate? Or are your boundary-less and open to all?

The first step in living peacefully with yourself is to start paying attention to yourself. To literally invest in yourself, and support yourself by being aware of how you feel, what you think, and how you act.

If you're running on automatic pilot, you may be blind to the things which cause you stress or drain your energy; you might feel over-burdoned, our as if everything is beyond your control. But the truth is that we have a vast array of choices available to us and you don't have to be stuck.

Looking at your personal ecology enables you to look at your responses and feelings and work with them for your own positive benefit. Once your stressors and energisers are identified, you will be able to adjust your responses and make conscious lifestyle choices rather than simply reacting “under fire”.

You could grab a pen and paper and do some landscape design right now. Do you need to pull up weeds? Remove a public footpath sign? Make a nature reserve? You're the project... you decide.