The Relaxation Response

The relaxation response is the flip side of stress. It’s supposed to be are normal or resting state. Relaxed breathing, steady blood flow, smooth digestion, calm pulse and heart rate, these are all signs of a body at rest in between periods of stress or intensity.

At least, that’s how it should be. It’s what naturally occurs during spells of acute stress - something crops up, we deal with it and then we stand down.

Unfortunately, many of us are chronically stressed - that means that our stress is ongoing, either in reality or in our heads, it makes no difference to our bodies, whether real or perceived, the body responds with it’s flight or fight reaction. Instantly blood rushes to our limbs so we can run or lash out, our digestion goes off-line as blood flow goes to the muscles, adrenaline starts coursing round our veins and our pulse, breathing and heart rate increase.

If we don’t take the care to go off “red alert” and relax regularly we get run down or burnt out.Fortunately there are lots of quick and easy ways to cultivate the Relaxation Response and some of them will be featured here on Living by Design with our MOTs - Moments of Tranquility FREE MP3s for Meditation and Relaxation.

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