Active Meditation: Increasing Energy

iStock_000001970726XSmal-01.jpgOn the top of your head, right in the centre there sits an energy point called: Si Shen Chong. This acupressure and acupuncture point is renowned for it’s ability to perk you up and increase your energy.

To experience a self-help acupressure energy boost all you need to do is take lightly on this crown energy point for two of three minutes while you breath deeply.

This point is a favourite of my acupuncturist who usually leaves me looking like I have an arial sticking out of the top of my head during my treatment sessions. He recently explained to me that this point is good for raising the chi, and settling the mind.

Percussion for Mind, Body and Spirit

If you practice lightly tapping on this point with two or three fingers as if you were playing a hand drum, you will soon learn to raise your energy in a very pleasant way.

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