Slick Soles & Sound Sleep

iStock_000004091614XSmal-01.jpgDid you know that massaging your feet before going to bed can help you sleep? Rubbing sesame oil into the soles of your feet is extremely relaxing and brings all that busy head energy down your body, leaving your head calm and trouble free and ready for the good quality rest it deserves.

Start by rubbing a little oil between the palms of your hands then rub it over the top of your foot. Work your thumbs in the groove between the bones on the top of your foot to relieve tension in the chest, and then work up and down the instep of your foot to relax your back and let accumulated tension in your spine melt away. Next pinch and squeeze your way down the outside of your foot from the base of your little toe to your heel area to relax tension in your shoulders and arms.

Now turn your attention to the soles of your feet, rubbing and working your way from your heels up to your toes, pressing into the middle of the sole of your feet activates the kidney meridian and is very grounding and good for relieving anxiety.

Let it all go…

As you massage your feet, take some deep breaths and tell yourself that it’s OK for you to have a great night’s sleep and fully recharge your batteries. Everything can wait until the morning, what didn’t get done won’t get done now, so just let it float out of your mind and know that you can do it much better tomorrow when you’re fully refreshed.

Make like a cat

Most animals enjoy regular spells of self-grooming and humans can greatly benefit from it too.

If you vigourously brush your hair before bed, using the brush to massage your scalp, you can release tension and improve circulation, which is both relaxing and a practical way to stop head tension building into headaches.


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