Do You Know Which Side of Your Brain You're Using?

Have you any idea which side of your brain you're using right now? Here's a fun test to find out. Click the link and look at the video animation of the spinning lady. Which way does she appear to be spinning to you? Clockwise, or anti-clockwise?

Most people see her as spinning anti-clockwise, but those of us with ready access to our right hemispheres see her spinning clockwise.

When you look at her, the direction she's spinning in seems so definite that you wonder how she could possibly spin the other way, but you can make her with a bit of focus.

If I close my left eye and look at her feet she goes one way, and if I do the opposite she goes the other - fun stuff!

But my natural perception tells me she's going clockwise, and that means that my right brain is happily doing it's creative and big picture thinking thing - not bad for someone who spends hours at a laptop every day - must be all that relaxing alpha background music I use :-)


What's Next?


Try some alpha brain & right hemisphere stimulating listening:



Hemispheric Harmony 2 - Rain Song

Relaxing Alpha State & Right Hemisphere Stimulating Music MP3

Rain Song combines gently panning natural rain sounds with traditional world instruments to provide a gentle stimulation of the right hemisphere of the brain.

The traditional instruments featured in this mp3 include chimes, rain sticks, frame drums, and the soothing sounds of a native American storyteller flute playing in the distance. The flute was recorded as a live improvisation, which makes it particularly appealing to the right hemisphere of the brain.

Perfect for drifting and daydreaming, this deeply relaxing recording is the perfect antidote to long hours of driving, computer work, or other left brain biased activities.

 Instant MP3 download - click to buy and get your file immediately. Price $3

Caution: do not use this MP3 if you are experiencing sadness or depression. For low moods and depressed states it is not recommended to stimulate the right hemisphere of the brain, but rather to combine upbeat music with movement.


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