Two Quick Tips for Self-Help Pain Relief

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Many of us aren’t happy reaching for blister pack relief when pain strikes. Here are two natural alternatives for getting relief. One is a quick self-help routine that reduces many kinds of physical pain on the spot, the other deals with preventing possible underlying causes.

Pain reducing acupressure routine...

Acupuncture has received great acclaim from research into reducing pain. Here’s an easy two step acupressure sequence based on the same principles as acupuncture, but quicker and easier to apply for yourself.

1. find the hollow on the back of your hand that’s in between and about an inch below your ring and little fingers (see picture). Once you’ve found the point start tapping it steadily and firmly with the index, or middle, finger of your opposite hand. Tap it about 50 times and breathe deeply and relax your shoulders while you’re tapping.

2. find the hollow just beneath your collarbone, at the place where it joins your breastbone, either side is OK. Once you’ve found it, start tapping on it with the fingers of your opposite hand. Remember to breathe deeply and relax your shoulders and tap about 50 times.

3. return to the point on the back of your hand and repeat until you feel the pain subside.

This simple routine can be very effective in reducing both chronic and physical pain, including headache pain. Sipping a glass of water with a few drops of Rescue Remedy in it as you tap the points is also helpful.

Pain reducing diet

Physical pain is exacerbated by acid in the body. Sometimes it is directly caused by acid in the body. So the first step in reducing pain is reducing acid.

• step one - reduce acid and refined foods
Acidic foods include sugar, alcohol, coffee, citrus fruits and tomatoes. Many heartburn sufferers are aware of the direct link between sweet treats and heartburn pain in the evening. The simplest way to reduce acidity is to reduce the cause and dilute the effect. By eating less acidic foods and drinking more plain water, the body can get back in balance and start feeling more comfortable.

• step two - increase water and lubrication from natural oils high in essential fatty acids (EFA’s) such as flax seed oil

Some pain is simply the body expressing friction and dehydration. The body is like a machine, it has many complex moving parts that all benefit from lubrication to keep them moving smoothly. Pain is often the body’s way of saying that it needs more oil and water!

Lifestyle trends over recent years have lead to a widespread avoidance of fat and the popular theory that fat makes you fat. It sounds logical enough, and there is definitely a case for reducing processed and refined fats, but natural oils like flaxseed, hemp and evening primrose oil provide lubrication and nutrition that we really cannot do without. These oils help lubricate the joints and keep the blood flowing freely. Many headaches can be avoided altogether just by keeping the body oiled and watered.


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