Journaling Tip: Cultivating Confidence

Ever thought of using a journal as a tool to build motivation confidence?

Personal development coaches consider acknowledging the completion of any task to be a vital step in processing a sense of accomplishment that makes it easier and easier for us to get things done in the future.

Often we take a short cut across that acknowledging step, and that can make future endeavours feel as if we're starting out from scratch.

By regularly recording and reflecting on your past achievements in writing, you build a self-supporting log that acts as a springboard for getting started with future projects.

To get started - grab a pad and a pen and make a list of some things you've achieved. If you're feeling unsure, then start with a recent small achievement. Really think about it as you note it down. How did you feel when you'd done it? Where do you feel that sensation of completion in your body as you recall a job well done?

Creating a written resource bank
Now think of other times that you've felt that way and note them down. It could be anything. Helping someone out when they were in trouble. Supporting a friend. Giving good advice. Learning a skill. Making a presentation. Write down anything that provoked in you a sense of genuine achievement.

Regularly recording your achievements in writing allows you to process what you did and what you learned from it. This reinforces that learning and makes it readily available to us in the future along with prior knowledge of how we might do even better.

Calling on the Past
The next time a task or challenge presents itself, a good way to prepare and get motivated to give it your best is to flick through your written resource bank. Get back in touch with that good feeling and know that it awaits you when you've completed this task and added it to your list of achievements.

A Flowing Future
For future events and challenges, take some time out with your self-support journal and read through some past successes. Now close your eyes for a minute or two and take those resources with your into the future as you imagine that situation and mentally go through it. See yourself relaxed and in control and enjoy that feeling of assuredness that comes from being fully in touch with your past successes.

Lessons from Achievers
It may surprise you to know that many prominent personalities use similar techniques and consider them a key part of them being where they are today. Donald Trump uses a journal of accomplishments to keep motivated and focused on upcoming projects.

One of the key challenges in personal development is continuity. Supportive journaling is a simple yet powerful way to develop a sense of flow in moving from one achievement to the next. No matter how small, all achievements are steps in our walk of life. And acknowledging them helps to make our footing sure.