The Journey to Snapping Point

We don't suddenly break down, grind to a halt, get seriously ill. We do it over time, day by day, but by bit, straw by straw, until *snap* we broke the proverbial camel's back.

It seems sudden, shocking and out of the blue, but the truth is that all things manifest over time. They only appear sudden if we haven't noticed what was going on in the build up to the final crescendo that actually gets our attention.

To ignore the early warning signs is ignorance. Ignore-ance. The opposite of that ignore-ance is the simple ad self-supporting act of paying (as in investing) attention. Investing in ourselves, in self-care, in taking care of the little things. In doing what they tell you to on planes. That is, put your own oxygen mask on before you try and help anyone else.

Why? Because we can't help ourselves, or anyone else, if we're gasping for air. But sadly, that's exactly what many of us are doing. We're gasping for air, grabbing food to go, and snatching rest. We are ignoring the basic self-preserving, self-supportive acts that give us longevity, health, and peace of mind.


Now, more than ever, with information overload and the quick, quick, super quick, mood of how to get things done, we are running around with the sound of ticking in ours ears and declaring that we have "no time" to eat properly, rest properly etc etc. It's not true! We have time. We have as much time as we ever did. What changed is our perception of it and our shift in values.


If you've ever taken the trouble to get up before the birds and do some meditation, you'll know that there exists a still and peaceful place, before the world starts rushing about. If you've ever taken time out during the day to sit quietly and breathe deeply, you'll know that you can slow it all down and get back in balance with yourself. If you've ever sat down to a home cooked meal, prepared with love, and eaten with gratitude, you'll know how content and nourished your body and mind feel afterwards.

We cannot afford to live in ignor-ance. It's too costly. To our relationships, our minds and our bodies.