Paying into the Blessings Bank


When was the last time you checked the balance at your bank of blessings? If you’re running around overwhelmed by stress, you might be missing out on the things in your life that you can be truly grateful for.

Stress robs us of our intelligence, and it can strip away our empathy for others too. Stress can leave you a selfish ranting individual who others would rather avoid than spend time with.

Keeping a gratitude journal is a great way to keep bouyant in the face of whatever adversity your day throws your way. It can be a place to reflect on the good things in your life, and by doing so you can let the things that have been irking you melt away as they are dissolved by the warm glow of your daily gratitudes.

You can make your journal as quick and simple, or as beautiful and elaborate, as you choose. You could scribble a blessing or two on a post it note and stick it somewhere where it will catch your eye, you could invest in a ready made journal that appeals to you, or you could make or decorate your own journal from a simple notebook covered with a collage of images that make you smile.

No matter how down we might feel there is always something to be grateful for. If you’re going through what you feel to be a truly low time, you could start with the very basics of life that you have to be grateful for. If there’s food in your fridge and water in your tap, you’re already better off than many.

Daily gratitude journaling is a great way to recognise the simple pleasures in your life, be it a comical pet, the company of a child, a smile from a stranger, a juicy satsuma - whatever.

Registering gratitude keeps stress down and stops us grouching about the little things. It provides contentment in place of a hair shirt woven from a thousand small niggles.

To express gratitude is a very attractive human quality. Think about it for a moment. Did you ever admire someone who is content with little pleasures, loves nature, and tolerates adversity with grace?

When I encounter such people I feel great respect for them and delight in their company and that’s another gratitude in and of itself.