Ayurveda's Kitchen Cupboard Remedies - Coughs


Someone has just asked me about natural cough remedies for children, here's my reply:

The simplest and most effective remedy I know for a persistent cough with mucous is to mix a pinch of black pepper with a teaspoonful of honey and lick the mixture from a spoon. This works best if taken after meals.


For young children, a gentler solution would be to replace the black pepper with powdered clove and give it to them after breakfast and again after dinner.

For dry tickly coughs, try a cup of boiled milk with a good pinch of turmeric and ginger in it - let it cool until a it's comfortable drinking temperature. Night time irritating coughs are easily soothed by drinking this before going to bed.

Tip: for chesty coughs with mucous it is important to avoid eating any cold dairy products (including chocolate) as these create mucous in the body which will only aggravate the cough further.


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