Ayurveda's Kitchen Cupboard Remedies - Sore Throat

kitchen-remedies.jpgWhen I was a child I often suffered from a sore throat and this continued into my adult life. I tried everything - anti-septic sprays, propolis sprays, lozenges, the lot. Nothing really gave much relief. Since I discovered Ayurveda and the wonders of honey, I now have a remedy on hand in my kitchen cupboard that can soothe sore throats in an instant.

And here it is...

take 1 teaspoonful of liquid honey 

mix into it a good pinch of turmeric powder

then lick the mixture slowly from the spoon


This works immediately to give relief. The honey soothes the throat and the turmeric gets to work on the inflammation and underlying problem. You can repeat this as needed. It's been a really useful remedy for all our family and it's great to know that I have something natural and effective on hand for my daughter that saves her from the days of discomfort I went though as a child.

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