Do fruits aggravate coughs?


Here's interesting question that landed in my inbox this morning - do fruits aggravate coughs?

As a general rule I would say no. Though if the cough is accompanied by a cold, the Ayurvedic recommendation is to get warm on all levels and that includes what we eat. So hot apple juice with cinnamon and cloves: see my apple winter warmer recipe here would be more beneficial than munching on a raw cold apple.

And here's a fruit that actually helps relieve coughs, and any chest congestion for that matter - including asthma... the humble banana.

Here's what to do to put the healing power of the bendy fruit to work on a cough:

method one - unpalatable but effective
peel a banana and poke 7 cloves into it, cover and leave overnight. Next morning eat the banana and the cloves

method two - almost yummy - and particularly good for dry tickly coughs
mash a ripe banana with some honey and a pinch or two of black pepper


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