Increasing Health & Happiness with Ayurveda - Part 2 Body Basics

Keep the body clean by bathing early every morning and, if possible, again at night. This washes away more than daily dirt. Bathing is purifying to the mind and the body it refreshes the mind and washes away the dross and debris we pick up as we go through the day.

Exercise. The "e" word is not loved by all, but ayurveda has some information on exercise and health that keeps things easy, and convenient.

The goal of exercise in Ayurveda is to keep our bodies supple, comfortable, strong, and with good digestion and immunity. When it comes to physical activity Ayurveda considers moderation to be the key.  Going for the "burn" is not the Ayurvedic way to get fit. Rather, the recommendation is to only ever exercise to 50% of your body's comfortable capacity (whatever that may be - of course, it varies from person to person).

Exercising without strain builds strength and stamina; it also builds energy levels and reduces fatigue, by using only 50% of our capacity, we always have energy in reserve and as our capacity increases, so do our energy levels.

The best time for exercise is in the morning. Yoga is ideal for stretching and strengthening the body, balancing both mind and body and even 10 minutes practice can be of great benefit. Walking is also ideal, it suits all body types and is the easiest way to keep fit and healthy.

Yoga and walking can be done anywhere and require no equipment. You don't need to worry about being able to bend your body like a lycra-clad pretzel, it's enough to enjoy some basic stretches. Yoga improves digestion and circulation, increase flexibility and can ward off depression.

So for Ayurveda's health and happiness tip no. 2 keep clean, s-t-r-e-t-c-h and walk, simple isn't it?

Photo "walking on" by JAIRO BD

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