More than a material body

While Ayurveda deals in detail and with great effect in healing and rebalancing the physical body, it also regards us as much more than a bag of bones, muscles, internal organs etc.According to Ayurveda we are a complete combination of body, mind, senses and soul - and Ayurvedic treatment is targeted at bringing balance and harmony to the complete package. Full health means a long and happy life with body, senses et all undisturbed and running smoothly to support us in the pursuit of higher living and thinking.

The vedas teach that we are not our physical bodies, our bodies are the vehicle for our eternal soul to sit in and journey through this life. The body is important and should be cared for and respected, but it is not the real us, it is merely our shell and the conduit through which we relate to each other and the world around us. Ayurveda is the only healing modality that encompasses support for spiritual thinking and pursuit.


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